mighty in a sentence

Newspaper is a powerful mass-media and a mighty force.

The rebels could not face the mighty army machine.

The mighty edifice of the future is usually built on the strong foundation of the past.

We can beat a mighty opponent with intelligence.

Nepal is a country situated in the heart of the mighty Himalayas.

It is known to be a mighty antioxidant.

They are mighty pleased with your work.

Milk is a mighty difficult food to digest.

Who is the creator of this mighty world?

He was a mighty emperor.

I know this is a mighty great compliment.

What are the mighty works of God?

What is the proverb about the mighty oak tree?

People had nothing to fear under the shelter of his mighty arms.

He was a mighty king.

He gave him mighty punches with his hands.

What a mighty animal he is!

It is known to be a mighty antioxidant.

What a mighty fall !

Newspapers have become a mighty weapon.

What a mighty fall !

The sword is helpless before the mighty pen.

It turned from a gale into a mighty dust storm.

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

It was very big and mighty.

It treats the mighty and the weak equally.

You should not boast of your mighty achievements.

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