met in a sentence

I was met her at the station.

I had met him two weeks ago.

I met him on the way.

I can never forget the day I first met you.

He met me on the way.

Excuse me, have we met before?

Do you know who he met yesterday?

I am sure, we haven’t met before.

He met me a few days ago.

I can’t recall having met him before.

He met with an accident.

He met me on Sunday.

He met with an accident yesterday.

I feel we have met before.

He is the funniest person I have ever met.

I have met him before.

I met a demure, sweet-faced girl.

He had not met me in a long time.

Protests must continue till demands are met.

We will not budge until our demands are met.

I have not seen him since we met years ago.

I had never met anyone like you before.

I had met her only twice.

I met him yesterday.

It is long since I met him.

I met him on my way to college.

Yesterday, I met him on the street.

I met him on the eve of his marriage.

I have met you after ages.

The children you met were naughty.

This is the place where I met with an accident.

They met me at the platform.

I met him long ago.

I like to have met you personally.

Owing to ill-luck, he met with a bad accident.

If he had met me, I would have helped him.

The man I met yesterday is very intelligent.

I met her last evening.

It is a year since I met her.

I have been searching her since I met her.

I have not met you before.

She met me on my way to school.

He met his teacher.

Though he was going slow, he met a dreadful accident.

He was under the influence of liquor when he met an accident.

I can’t recall having met him before.

I met him after ages.

She met me last week.

The guests met a cold reception.

My request met with a refusal at her hands.

I met him at the conference.

She was singing a song when I met her.

He has not met me so far.

I met him at the office party.

I met him at his residence.

He met me at lunch.

I first met him a year ago.

We met him in the bank.

He has met with misfortune.

He met with no success.

She had finished her home work when I met her.

His request for money met with a refusal.

I met him in the market.

Your friend met me yesterday.

I met an old friend yesterday.

He was liked by all who met him.

He met me here yesterday.

This is the place where I met him.

I met him as he was coming from college.

He met with many difficulties on the way.

When we met last time you mentioned that you are looking for a job.

He met me and gave me a book.

What was he doing when you met him ?

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