menace in a sentence

India has long been suffering due to the menace of terrorism.

I hate the menace of drinking at public places.

I hate the menace of smoking, particularly at public places.

Stress is a silent menace.

Ingrown hair can be a real menace.

No wonder stress is often deemed as the silent menace.

Cholesterol is indeed a menace and a gateway to many health problems.

Piracy is a menace that has crept into the society in various manners.

This will help you conquer this menace.

I hate the menace of smoking, particularly at public places.

That dog is a menace to everyone.

She is too disciplined to prove a menace.

He is a menace to society.

There is hardly any country that is not suffering from this menace.

All our efforts to check this menace have failed.

Please permit me to point out the menace of rising prices of essential commodities.

It has become a big menace for peace-loving citizens.

The Government has to make more stringent laws to deal with this menace.

NGOs should also help in eradicating the menace.

Newspapers play an important role in fighting the menace of corruption.

Our village is facing a menace from frequent floods.

We should all fight this menace.

To fight this menace every one should come forward.

He is a menace to society.

Youngmen and women must be cautions of this menace.

Take immediate steps to eradicate this menace.

To eradicate this menace, strict measures should be taken.

In order to fight this menace, vigorous efforts should be made.

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