looked in a sentence

The athletes in their uniforms looked very active and smart.

She looked after the child.

No one likes to be criticised or looked down upon.

They looked curiously at the young man.

Her mother especially looked upon her as a deformity.

She looked very beautiful in her sari.

He rubbed his eyes and then looked again.

I looked run down and a bit weak.

You looked absent minded.

He looked very greasy and old.

He looked like a strong and powerful man.

He looked very peaceful.

He looked dashing in his white suit.

I looked at her with pity.

I looked at myself in the mirror.

He looked at me coldly.

We looked everywhere for shelter.

I looked at her sullenly.

She looked at him from toe to head.

Earlier women were confined to the house and looked after the household affairs only.

He looked at me red-eyed.

He looked blank when he was told of his dismissal.

I looked at his face.

I looked for my lost book.

He looked blank when I asked him the meaning of this word.

As I entered the class, everybody looked at me.

She is looked after by her uncle.

The airport looked deserted.

He likes being looked at.

I have looked over your book.

He looked stupid in the narrow Jeans.

I looked at it more closely.

She looked elegant in her bridal dress.

They looked each other for a moment.

He looked at least a hundred years old.

He looked very handsome.

It looked like a giant.

He looked at me with fear.

He looked very strange.When I asked him a question he looked blank.

She looked very graceful.

He looked shamefaced when I asked him why he had come late.

The plants withered because they were not looked after properly.

She looked pleased to see me.

She looked so different that I could not recognize her.

The snow-covered mountains looked splendid in the light of the sun .

These reasons may be looked upon as probable.

He has always looked after his parents.

He looked around on all sides.

She looked at him with irritated glance.

He looked at me with horror.

He looked at the beggar with disdain.

They looked at him red-eyed.

She looked at him with irritated glance.

He looked ferocious.

The house looked as if it were haunted.

I looked for him everywhere.

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