long in a sentence

Twenty miles is a long distance.

The earth’s axis is about 12,714 kilometers long.

I saw a long line of ants carrying granules of sugar.

Always think long term.

They are made to work for long hours and paid little amount of money for their job.

It seems a long shot.

The marmot can stand hunger for long periods.

How long do we need to stand like this?

How long have you been here?

We have been waiting for this movie to come out for a long time.

I have come from a long way to see you

He had a long face and a slightly crooked nose.

How long are you here?

How long will you take to finish your puja?

You may stay with me as long as you wish.

I have seen you today after a long time.

I was tired out by a long walk.

He is a bird of passage ; he would not stay with you for long.

He was done up by the long walk.

No decision could be arrived even after long deliberations.

After a long silence he asked, What is your name ?

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