like in a sentence

Which newspaper do you like to read?

What sweets would you like?

Our body is just like a machine.

Some students do not like examinations because of tension.

Our body is just like a machine which works day and night.

I like the cartoons very much.

It looks like rain.

I like mangoes.

He looks like a prince.

Our mind is like a constantly running stream.

Animals love, hate and fear like human beings.

The problems and sufferings in our life are like the tests and exams in the school of life to teach us certain lessons and tell us where we stand.

You should put reliance on a man like him.

Eat foods that are naturally low in fat like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

People like to criticise and find faults with those they envy because of their own feelings of inadequacy.

You should not talk to your elders like this.

He treated him like a boy.

Many people like to eat turtle meat.

You can stay as long as you like here.

Hatred oozed out of his pores like molten lava but he concealed it.

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