learning in a sentence

A child starts learning several things on his own without anybody telling him about them.

He does not make a show of his learning.

Education is the act of learning things around us.

I am learning computer in my school and have learnt drawing and typing on computer.

The hunger for learning should never be satisfied.

Examinations are  a part of the learning process.

Learning makes a man successful, kind and polite.

Today’s kids are learning their attitudes and values more from television and movies than from any other source.

What is the good of learning if in the process of living we are destroying ourselves?

He is a man of vast learning.

Teaching aids, besides providing learning experiences, also nurture child’s creative potentialities.

He is learning how to swim.

When you realize that you know very little then you are fit for learning.

Don’t forsake a new learning opportunity because of pride.

My five-year-old daughter is learning multiplication tables in her class these days.

Library is a storehouse of learning.

Have you ever seen a baby learning to walk?

He considers learning as a Herculean task.

I am learning the piano.

He was highly regarded for his wisdom and learning.

He is very humane.

I like learning languages.

A lot of people are learning English nowadays.

Are the boys learning their lesson ?

I am learning a new poem.

He is bent on learning driving.

The students are learning their lessons.

He was learning piano.

I am learning French.

I am learning English.

How long have you been learning Hindi?

Keep on learning your lessons regularly because practice makes a man perfect.

I am learning to write commercial letters.

She is learning French.

He is learning singing.

A load of learning lumbering in his head.

The boys are not learning their lesson.

I am learning my lesson.

Why were you not learning the lesson ?

Is he learning his lesson ?

I am learning to swim.

He is busy in learning his lesson.

Social learning is as important as academic learning.

I have been learning German off and on for some time past.

I am learning my lesson.

A man of little learning may prove to be his own enemy.

There is no end to learning and deriving pleasure from books.

When are you going to start learning English ‘

This child is learning alphabets.

Almost all good schools have introduced computer learning in higher classes.

Science has turned learning into a pleasure.

These days more and more people are learning English.

I am learning a new poem.

I am learning to play Cricket.

This child is learning alphabets.

Anything worth learning takes time to learn and time to teach.

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