leads in a sentence

Early rising leads to health and happiness.

Poverty leads to poor health conditions and sanitation for the poor.

The modern man leads a mechanical life.

He leads a very simple life.

This road leads to Delhi.

Deforestation leads to increasing air pollution, increasing levels of poisonous gases in the environment, increasing soil and water pollution, increasing environment heat, and many more.

He leads a good life.

The increase in temperature of the earth leads to many problems.

Let us see, where this door leads to.

Modern man leads a mechanical lifestyle.

This road leads to Ambala.

Procrastination leads to a negative attitude.

He leads the life of a wanderer, moving from place to place like a rolling stone.

Greediness leads to sorrow.

This roads leads to Delhi.

Craze for more things and its unfulfillment leads to unhappiness and melancholy.

Healthy diet leads to normal blood formation.

Mutual distrust leads to the breakage of social harmony.

This road leads to the station.

He leads a godly life.

Which road leads to the Railway Station ?

He leads a very unhappy life.

Do you know the road that leads to the temple ?

One lie leads to another.

This road leads to the museum.

What an unhappy life he leads !

Deficiency of iron in the body leads to anaemia.

Do you know which way leads to the station?

It is greed which leads man to commit several sins and crimes.

What a busy life she leads!

She leads her husband by the nose.

This road leads to the post-office.

She leads an unhappy life.

He leads a luxurious life.

This leads to stress and strain in life.

This way leads to hospital.

He leads a most unhappy life.

He is a hen-pecked husband and his wife leads him by the nose.

He leads a busy social life.

His wife leads him by the nose.

She leads a virtuous life.

This woman leads her husband by the nose.

He leads an exceedingly happy life.

His submissive nature leads others to believe he is a coward.

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