lazy in a sentence

He is a lazy fellow and does not get up before 9 A.M.

A man who is lazy can achieve nothing in life.

Don’t be lazy.

I am very lazy.

Drug-addicts are lazy and lethargic people.

I am feeling very tired and lazy.

He is a very lazy person.

I have no time to be lazy.

He is a lazy and careless person.

Poor vision is usually the only symptom of lazy eye.

Squint is the most common cause of lazy eye.

My daughter is very intelligent, but she is extremely lazy.

Don’t be lazy at workplace.

If you are lazy, all your talents will prove to be a great waste.

Lazy eye is partial loss of vision.

He is lazy and good for nothing.

Sunday is supposed to be a lazy day.

Due to his lazy attitude, he may get scolding in school.

My elder brother is very lazy.

I am lazy.

I was too lazy to meet them there.

Do not waste words on that lazy fellow.

He is too lazy to wash his face.

They are too lazy to do anything.

He is so lazy that he can’t succeed.

You are a lazy fellow.

How lazy I have been !

He is too lazy to reply letters.

He is too lazy for a sportsman.

Such boys as are lazy shirk work.

He fixed me with a lazy look.

He is so lazy that he can’t succeed.

He is a lazy fellow.

What a lazy boy you are !

She is so lazy that she cannot succeed.

He is a lazy boy.

He is lazy to the backbone.

He is very lazy in replying to the letters I write to him.

He is so lazy that he cannot succeed.

Be up and doing in life lazy people cannot succeed in their mission.

Everyone of these students is lazy.

I was very lazy.

You’re just lazy, in my opinion.

He is too lazy.

I am not lazy.

Being lazy, he failed.

If you are lazy, you cannot succeed.

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