laziness in a sentence

His laziness will cost him his job some day.

He failed to do anything because of laziness.

Laziness ruins marriage in many ways.

Laziness will ultimately result in unhealthy lifestyle as they grow up.

Can we overcome our laziness?

The causes of obesity are many but one of the biggest cause is laziness.

Yellowing of teeth is often a result of neglect and laziness.

Beat Your Laziness.

Try not to let laziness take over you.

Our laziness stops us from paying too much attention to our skins early on in our lives.

Break this laziness by doing something that keeps you active.

These foods or habits induce laziness in us.

Shed your laziness.

Do not let laziness take over you.

What is laziness?

Work with honesty and sincerity because laziness will ruin you.

Laziness leads to failure.

How do I get rid of laziness and feeling of lacking motivation?

Due to advancement in science laziness & pollution increased.

Laziness is one of the worst vices.

How to get rid of laziness permanently?

I have lost so many wonderful opportunities in my life due to my laziness.

Laziness is detrimental to success.

We should put an end to our laziness and pessimism.

We must shed laziness.

His laziness exasperates me.

I want you to shake off your laziness.

He failed in the examination because of his laziness.

Leisure and laziness are two different things.

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