knowledge in a sentece

Library is a treasure-house of knowledge.

Examinations are tests for evaluating students’ knowledge.

Books are a great-treasure house of knowledge.

Knowledge is developed by reading a newspaper.

Her knowledge is deep and her thoughts are high.

Knowledge differentiates man from other living beings.

Knowledge is the mother of all discoveries and inventions.

Knowledge is power.

All the great discoveries and inventions on which modern life is based are but the manifestations of the power of knowledge.

Some snake-charmers have the knowledge of controlling snake-biting.

Knowledge is the godmother of all discoveries, explorations and inventions.

It is now time to test your knowledge.

A visit to fair increases our knowledge.

Work becomes irksome due to lack of knowledge.

Value-based seeds of knowledge are to be sown in the early stages of a person’s life so that these can blossom in the future.

A statesman who does not possess a perfect knowledge of the world will create havoc for his country.

Television is a source of entertainment, information and knowledge.

A man of knowledge commands respects everywhere.

Schools are a fountain of knowledge: some students come to drink, some to sip and others just to gargle.

Reading is necessary to enrich one’s knowledge and make the study interesting.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Upgradation of knowledge is a never-ending process for an effective person.

Knowledge is the godmother of all discoveries, explorations and inventions.

He has a good knowledge of proverbs and sayings.

Her thirst for knowledge was insatiable.

Try to increase your knowledge in new areas.

He is very boastful about his knowledge in philosophy.

He has no knowledge of anything.

Books are very useful because they provide us knowledge.

Knowledge without common sense is useless.

He kept this knowledge to himself.

Only bookish knowledge is not enough.

He has travelled across the globe and has achieved endless knowledge.

He is famed for his knowledge.

Mostly man gains knowledge through observation and experimentation.

He has an insatiate desire for knowledge.

A teacher lights thousands of lamps with the flicker of his knowledge.

I gather knowledge from every possible source.

His knowledge of the subject is very poor.

Bookish knowledge is not enough to pass a test.

A little knowledge is always dangerous.

Practical experience is preferable to bookish knowledge.

He has got a very superficial knowledge of the subject.

He is in the habit of hawing off his knowledge.

Human knowledge is cumulative.

Books add to our knowledge.

He is famed for his knowledge.

I have a great thirst for knowledge.

His English knowledge is very poor.

He likes to air his knowledge.

As per my knowledge he is an honest man.

What is the use of knowledge to him ?

He has a good knowledge of Sanskrit.

I gather knowledge from every possible source.

He has no practical knowledge of accounts.

Knowledge is power.

Her knowledge is limited to that of a school girl.

Youth is the time when we can collect knowledge.

He has no knowledge of grammar.

It is a matter of common knowledge.

I have acquired a good knowledge of English.

Knowledge is preferable to riches.

I marvel at the extent of your knowledge of history.

None can claim completeness of knowledge in any field.

My knowledge of biology is very much limited.

They have no knowledge or experience of the practical problems of everyday life.

We should keep abreast of the rest of world in knowledge.

I have a good knowledge of Physics.

How can television increase our knowledge of the outside world?

Television can increase our knowledge of the outer world there are high quality programs that help us understand many fields of study,

science, medicine, arts and so on.

Books provide us with knowledge.

Use examples from your personal knowledge and experience.

His appetite for knowledge is insatiable.

In today’s competitive world, a broad knowledge is needed to succeed in any field.

Knowledge is a treasure.

The book is a repository of knowledge.

It is our duty to acquire a good knowledge of our mother-tongue.

I have never denied that my knowledge is limited.

I am bound by the limits of my little knowledge.

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