kept in a sentence

Our school toilets are kept neat and clean by the school sweepers.

Books, journals, magazines and newspapers are kept in a library.

A ship cannot be kept on its course without a compass.

Lions are kept in an enclosure in the zoo.

Secret affairs should be kept very quiet.

The plants should be kept in proper sunlight.

The opiate kept me asleep for four hours.

A zoo is a place where all kinds of animals are kept.

He proved a talented son as he kept the family prestige high.

She never liked long hair, and always kept it trimmed.

Where have you kept the book?

He had kept his promise.

Sea shells when kept in a basket are considered to be lucky in feng shui.

Onions need to be kept dry at all times.

She kept screaming in pain.

Some foods should not be kept in the fridge.

The Karva Chauth fast is kept for long life and well-being of the husband.

He needs to be kept under observation.

Your body is your temple and it should be kept clean at all times.

Consuming water kept in copper utensil is very beneficial.

Bathrooms should always be kept clean.

I kept gazing at him like a star.

I kept a little distance from him.

I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

She has kept her word.

I kept quiet.

Bad company should not be kept.

She kept us waiting.

We shall have kept our promise.

He kept mum.

I kept on saying.

They kept on saying.

He kept crying.

She is not a good girl and must be kept at arm’s length.

He was annoyed but he kept quite.

I kept her waiting.

kept rolling in bed the whole night.

Promiser should be kept.

He kept me in the dark about this matter.

She kept on playing with her doll.

He kept gambling for many years.

He kept his face expressionless to conceal his excitement.

She kept it away.

He kept away from the quarrel.

He kept us waiting.

I have kept my word.

He will have kept his promise.

I kept an eye on him.

He kept his house spick and span.

He this neighbours at an arm’s distance.

You kept me in the dark.

The patient is seriously ill and is kept under continuous observation.

Promises must be kept.

He kept his promise.

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