keen in a sentence

He has a keen sense of duty and responsibility.

The raw generation is very keen to get education.

A student who takes a keen interest in his studies, rises to some good position in life.

He is a keen cricket enthusiast.

I am very keen to do a film with him.

People who miss-spell words are usually those who are not keen observers.

She is keen to work with me.

He is keen on winning the championship.

He always possessed a keen desire to be adventurous.

He takes a very keen interest in his work.

He is keen to adopt abandoned kids.

I am keen to work with you.

He is always keen on delivering justice to the deserving.

I keen to promote this for you.

I am keen to work with you in this project.

I am keen on a career in the Army.

I keen to do well next time.

I am keen to utilize this for the welfare of the people.

I am not keen to do so.

We are very keen on doing business with your company.

He was very talented and had a keen interest in archery.

He is a keen observer.

He is a keen observer of everything.

He was a keen observer of nature.

I am not keen to see you.

She is very keen to take up modelling.

He is keen on drawing.

They should take a keen interest in school activities.

He takes keen interest in general knowledge and the world around him.

She showed a keen interest in painting.

My brother takes keen interest in gardening.

I took keen interest in all the activities of the college.

I am very keen on joining this tour.

I am keen to join the tour if you so permit.

I am not keen on seeing him.

It is a very keen drama.

He takes keen interest in his children.

He was a keen supporter of this language.

I have a keen desire to get college education.

As a child, Jesus used to take a keen interest in religious discussions.

He has a keen sense of duty.

I am very keen to join this educational tour.

She takes keen interest in her studies

He was a keen observer of nature.

I am a very keen observer of things.

He is a keen administrator.

I take keen interest in games and sports.

They are keen that you also joined in this trip.

I always took keen interest in sports.

He is a keen musician.

He is a very keen gardener.

He is a keen photographer.

It was his keen desire to marry her.

My brother is keen to join the army.

I was very keen on reading it.

She is keen to remove their sufferings.

Are you not keen to make money ?

She is keen to pass the examination.

They showed quite a keen interest in creative activities.

Our headmaster is very keen about games and other extracurricular activities.

I’m not keen on gambling.

He took up golf and became very keen on it.

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