jealous in a sentence

We should not feel jealous of others.

Are you jealous of his wealth?

People are feeling jealous of each others.

Why do we become jealous?

He is often jealous of others and thinks that others are also jealous of him.

He shuffled off from his jealous friends.

He is very jealous of you.

I am not jealous of success of anybody.

Are you jealous of anyone?

Why are you feeling jealous of him?

I’m so jealous of your job.

Let’s make him jealous.

He’d never been jealous in his life before.

I feel jealous if someone hugs you.

Certain things and situations can make him jealous at a point.

Every man would love to make his woman jealous at times.

Many reasons can make get friend jealous of you.

It is easy to make him jealous.

Men do not want to marry women who are extremely jealous.

Ignoring him is a good way to make him jealous.

We should not be jealous of others.

He is jealous of his friend’s success in the examination.

She is jealous of them.

He is not liked by anybody because of his jealous nature.

He is jealous by nature.

I feel jealous of her tremendous success.

You are jealous of me

A jealous person can never be happy.

He is rude to her friends and obsessively jealous.

Do not be jealous of others.

He is jealous of his brother.

He is jealous of my progress.

She is jealous of my achievements.

I am disagreeable with jealous peopIe.

I am not jealous of you.

She is very jealous of her sister

They feel jealous of others.

A jealous person has no peace of mind.

Why are you always so jealous of other people?

He does not feel jealous of anyone.

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