innumerable in a sentence

Innumerable people were killed in the wake of war.

There are innumerable stars in the sky.

Fruits provide innumerable health benefits.

There are innumerable mouth watering desserts in this hotel.

Innumerable people suffer from neck pain.

Innumerable people suffer from arm pain.

Innumerable people suffer from shoulder pain.

Dirty water causes innumerable problems.

Wet feet and shoes invite innumerable infections.

I am receiving innumerable requests by email.

There are innumerable ways to improve earth.

I have innumerable questions to ask.

Nowadays I am facing innumerable problems.

It provides innumerable career opportunities.

There are innumerable number of uses of river.

There are innumerable people who throw away their savings for alcohol.

There are innumerable planets in this universe and all of them are fully equipped with life.

Beauty has innumerable interpretations that have changed over time.

I have seen innumerable movies.

There are innumerable inventions that have made life convenient and comfortable.

Scanned signatures are used for innumerable purposes.

Innumerable chemical reactions take place in the nature constantly

Innumerable social evils are rampant in the society.

You have to face innumerable challenges in this profession.

I passed by that place innumerable times.

We are strong in innumerable fields.

The history of Inda is replete with the stories of innumerable heroes and gallants.

Folk and tribal dances of India are of innumerable types.

He committed innumerable crimes.

Yoga can be considered as a panacea for innumerable ailments.

There are innumerable films which contain hit songs of Lata.

There are innumerable stars in the sky.

Religion has brought peace and comfort to innumerable tortured souls.

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