impressive in a sentence

He has impressive looks.

He makes an impressive speech before a large audience.

She is rich in ideas, simple in living, but very impressive in style.

It is necessary to have an impressive personality.

He made a very impressive speech.

He has a pleasing and impressive personality.

The introduction to this article is very impressive.

He made an impressive speech in the rally.

I addressed an impressive rally which was attended by thousands of people.

It looks hugely impressive.

He was an impressive orator and a brave freedom fighter.

His style of working is really impressive.

His style of working is really impressive.

She had an impressive screen presence, spontaneity and irrepressible curiosity.

His speech was very impressive.

The finale of the concert was impressive.

He made an impressive speech in the house.

The speech he delivered at the function was impressive.

He delivered a most impressive speech.

He delivered impressive lectures on the subject.

I have an impressive personality.

His method of teaching is very impressive.

He had an attractive and impressive style.

He has an impressive personality and good habits.

She has a sweet, fresh and impressive voice.

The costumes of the actors in this serial were very impressive.

His manner of speaking was impressive.

He made a short but impressive speech.

He was a tall man with an impressive personality.

They played a very patient and impressive game.

He made an impressive speech.

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