impartial in a sentence

Press should be an impartial representative of the public opinion.

He is always impartial in his judgment.

Judges must be impartial to everyone.

They have demanded an impartial investigation into the allegations.

Investigate the matter in an impartial manner and provide justice to the victims.

We lift dharna on assurance of impartial probe.

Impartial media is required for good democracy.

We have demanded impartial enquiry into this case.

He is impartial in his dealings.

Justice should be delivered by holding an impartial inquiry.

He is popular for his impartial decisions.

He is totally impartial in carrying out his administrative tasks.

We demand an impartial probe into this incident.

She might be able to make a more impartial choice than you.

Talking to someone impartial can help to ease out things.

He promises impartial probe in the case.

People demanded the SSP to conduct an impartial inquiry into the matter.

She might be able to make a more impartial choice than you.

Mother’s love is impartial.

He is an impartial judge.

His approach is direct but impartial.

He was fair, strict and impartial.

Honest and impartial newspapers can protect the rights of people.

He is impartial and kind to all.

He gave an impartial decision.

It is an impartial investigation.

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