immunity in a sentence

You have to build a strong immunity from inside to protect not only your skin but also your complete system.

This vaccine causes immunity to typhoid.

Breastfeeding boosts baby’s immunity.

The simplest way to boost immunity is through a good diet, plenty of exercise, adequate sleep and stress control.

Zinc is vital for immunity.

Zinc deficient people are prone to depressed immunity, common cold and poor growth.

This vitamin is quite necessary to boost immunity.

Boost immunity to keep swine flu at bay

To enhance immunity one should eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits and should go in for regular exercise.

Low immunity is caused by high levels of free radicals and low levels of antioxidants in the body.

Immunity is the body’s ability to resist certain harmful disease-producing bacteria and viruses.

Exercise builds your immunity by stimulating certain cells that are natural killers of diseases.

Do you suffer from weak immunity?

I want to boost my immunity.

Immunity is truly a gift.

Foods that destroy your immunity should be avoided.

Fruits and vegetables are natural sources to build immunity.

Does Yoga Enhance Immunity?

The vitamin C present in orange juice can boost your immunity.

During the winter season, your immunity tends to be low.

Sleep is important to build up your immunity level.

Dengue decreases the immunity

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