ignorance in a sentence

With the light of education, I shall try to remove the darkness of ignorance.

Superstitions are based on fear of ignorance.

Ignorance is the mother of evil and all miseries we see.

Our ignorance about the future is also responsible for the growth of superstitions.

To be conscious of your ignorance is the first step towards knowledge.

Wisdom is nothing more than dispelling ignorance.

He is so superstitious that he does many bad things out of ignorance.

I burst into laughter at his ignorance.

Superstition is a sign of ignorance and backwardness.

Ignorance is no bliss when it comes to bringing up children.

He has answered some of our questions and expressed ignorance about others.

I don’t like ignorance.

We are suffering because of the ignorance of others.

Education dispels ignorance.

We are not conscious of it because of ignorance.

I did it in ignorance.

Ignorance can be overcome by knowledge.

He was bullied for his ignorance.

They are probably doing it through ignorance or fear.

They have to pay the price of ignorance.

Do not let today’s ignorance become a threat in the future.

The direct remedy for ignorance is knowledge.

Do not harm others even by our ignorance.

He proved his ignorance.

Ignorance of law is no excuse.

In his ignorance he committed a crime.

Drive away ignorance and illiteracy.

Ignorance of law is no excuse for committing a crime.

Ignorance lies at the root of misunderstanding.

In his ignorance, he fell in a bad company.

His ignorance surprises me.

I am surprised at his ignorance.

Sometimes one can blunder out of ignorance.

Superstition originates in ignorance.

You are excused on the score of ignorance.

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