humanity in a sentence

Love for humanity is the greatest service to God.

A charitable person is a lover of humanity.

She is a symbol of simplicity and humanity.

Man is now beginning to realize that enhancing truth and love is the greatest service to humanity.

Tagore was a friend of all the humanity and a great patriot of the world.

Nature is full of beauties and blessings for humanity.

Selflessness is the string that connects spirituality and humanity.

There is no dearth of chances to work selflessly for the good of humanity.

I am a servant of humanity.

We must observe the canons of humanity.

Gandhi loved all humanity and the milk of human kindness flowed in his heart.

The service to humanity is a service to god.

He was hailed as the benefactor of humanity.

We must be zealous in the cause of humanity.

I am sympathetic to the suffering humanity.

The highest religion in the world is the service of humanity.

She devoted her life to the welfare of humanity.

The environmental problem has threatened humanity.

He worshipped humanity.

He showed the right path to the suffering humanity.

I wish to serve humanity.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity.

He gave the message of truth, peace, humanity and equality.

I shall earmark a big fund for the service of the suffering humanity.

He devoted his life to the service to humanity and their well-being.

It is the biggest threat to the existence of humanity.

It helps to relieve humanity of its sufferings.

I want to serve the suffering humanity.

He was a lover of humanity.

This great organisation aims at the present and future welfare of humanity.

We should work for the welfare of the humanity.

She devoted her life to the welfare of humanity.

He dedicated all his life to the service of humanity.

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