huge in a sentence

Our school has a huge library.

My college has a huge library.

He stood before a huge mirror and arranged his tie.

A huge population are dying daily just because of disease caused due to the lack of cleanliness.

He has suffered huge financial loss.

The police recovered a huge quantity of habit- forming drugs from their possession.

I am a huge fan of you.

It is a huge sign of worry.

It is going to be a huge mental challenge for me.

Parents have demanded an inquiry against the school for charging huge fees.

I have a huge task and a responsibility to fulfill.

The huge fire engulfed several homes in the city.

We have huge reserves of fossil beneath the surface of the earth.

Today, the depletion of forest resources is a huge problem with challenging solutions.

There is a huge pile of nuclear weapons in the world.

You need to clear up this misunderstanding before it becomes a huge problem.

The first computer was huge in size-51 feet in length and 8 feet in height.

Owing to my huge medical expenses, money has been a constraint for our family.

He helped me to build a huge sand castle.

How did this huge dog come in here?

His contribution to our success is huge.

These men work in a huge firm.

He suffered a huge loss.

He had huge wealth.

They had collected a huge sum of money.

Stars are huge balls of glowing gas.

The lion is not as huge as the hippopotamus.

A huge tidal wave swept the boat.

I saw a huge lion in the forest.

I saw a huge crowd of people.

I didn’t have the courage to face a huge audience.

I have a huge fear of flying.

These stores offer a huge variety of goods.

He spent a huge amount modernizing his old house.

The whale, a huge sea creature, is a mammal.

His father left a huge property for him.

There is a huge rush in the market.

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