hospitable in a sentence

She is very hospitable.

The conditions on Mars are believed to be hospitable since the planet is similar to Earth in many ways.

This is the locality of ever smiling and hospitable people.

WHY is this world turning more violent, less hospitable?

These people are very hospitable to outsiders and strangers.

He is friendly and hospitable.

Your hospitable nature will prove to be an asset.

He is incredibly hospitable.

He is very hospitable by nature.

My mother is very hospitable.

He is hospitable to everyone.

He is a very hospitable man.

Indians are famous for their hospitable nature.

Traditionally we are hospitable.

I am hospitable to guests.

Show respect and be hospitable to guests.

They are naturally hospitable and friendly.

His friends like him to be hospitable.

Religion teaches us to be generous and hospitable.

It is a very hospitable place.

He is very hospitable and lenient.

The inhabitants of this village are hospitable.

He is hospitable to a fault.

She is very hospitable.

He is a very hospitable person.

He is very hospitable.

They are very hospitableā€ž:

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