honesty in a sentence

Honesty always gives a man a great moral courage.

His success is a combination of hard work and honesty.

Corruption is in full swing and honesty is on its last legs.

Honesty is the best policy.

I will leave no stone unturned to satisfy you with my work and honesty.

He is honest and straightforward.

Why do you suspect an honest man?

I am straightforward and honest.

He is a very honest and sincere person.

He is an honest lawyer.

Honesty is the hallmark of his character.

Corruption is the order of the day and no one cares for honesty.

Honesty pays in the long run.

His honesty is known to everybody.

We all like honesty.

Everybody believes in his honesty.

Honesty is rewarded in the long run.

Honesty is at a discount these days.

Honesty is the acid test of humah character.

The peon was suitably rewarded for his honesty.

Honesty is written on his face.

This is a reflection on your honesty.

I do not believe in his honesty.

Every body praises honesty.

I like honesty.

Nobody can deny that honesty is the best policy.

He is well known for his honesty.

She is known for her honesty.

He is an honest man, do not call in question his honesty.

I respect him on account of his sincerity and honesty.

We have heard of his honesty.

I cannot believe in his honesty.

I am pleased at your honesty.

He got a reward for his honesty.

He is honoured for his honesty.

He is a man of honesty and tries to do his best in his work.

He talks so much about honesty that I distrust him.

He will never leave the path of honesty even under dire circumstances.

He is an image of honesty and simplicity.

One who practises honesty in life is trusted and respected.

There is no doubt about your honesty.

Your involvement in a case of cheating has cast some doubts on your honesty.

His honesty was never in doubt.

She has an-unblemished record of honesty.

They rose to eminence by their honesty.

We are quite sure your honesty.

Do your duty honesty and make your life noble.

Your honesty is well-known.

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