Exclamatory Sentence : The sentence which expresses some strong feeling or emotion such as sorrow, joy, surprise, wonder, contempt, etc, is called Exclamatory Sentence.  An exclamatory sentence ends with an exclamation mark (!)

Exclamatory Example Sentences :

Good morning ! How are you ?

What cloudy weather this is !

May God help you in difficulty !

How dare you talk like this !

How dare you insult him !

O that I were rich !

Get lost from here !

I swear ! I am telling the truth.

What a mean act !

A man and afraid of troubles !

How colorful the butterfly is !

How nice of him to be here today !

How pretty you are !

How melodious his voice is !

May you succeed !

How cute she is !

What a large building it is !

What kind of girl she is !

May God give you courage to face it !

What a foot you are !

What a nice weather it was !

How coward you are !

How brave they are !

How horrible the sight is !

May God bless you with a son !

Would that I were a millionaire !

What a tongue-twister !

How clean their white trousers look !

What beautiful scene this is !

O that I were young again !

Hurrah ! We have won the match.

May our country progress by leaps and bounds !

O for a glass of wine !

What a fool I have to deal with !

O that I could win first prize !

How miserable he looks !

How fine the weather is !

May you live long !

What a pity ! He lost his wife.

How blue the sky looks !

Don’t be nervous !

Don’t get excited !

Bravo ! A good shot.

Don’t leave me like this !

How dare you interfere with my work !

Be fearless !

Get lost !


An interrogative sentence asks a question, and it always ends with a question mark ( ? ).

Interrogative Example Sentences


How are you ?

How are you doing it ?

How are you feeling today ?

How are you now ?

How can I find out where it is ?

What is your age ?

What are the different layers of the earth ?

What are these made of ?

What are they talking about ?

What are you doing ?

When are we going to meet again ?

When are you coming back ?

When are you visiting us ?

When did they return ?

When did you go to the market ?

Where are they going ?

Where are you going now ?

Where are you now ?

Where are you taking all these things ?

Which book do you read ?

Which colony do you live in ?

Which games do you play ?

Who are you ?

Who are you talking to ?

Who are you waiting for ?

Who broke the chair ?

Whom are you abusing ?

Whom are you calling ?

Whom are you looking for ?

Whom are you speaking to ?

Whom did he see ?

Whose bag is this ?

Whose book did he use ?

Whose book is this ?

Whose book were you reading ?

Whose car is it ?

Why are they crying ?

Why are you abusing him ?

Why are you after me ?

Why are you all sitting idle ?

Why are you always on the run ?

Why are you calling me ?


Imperative Sentences : We use imperative sentences to give orders, commands, and general instructions.

Imperative Example Sentences :


Be optimistic.

Grow your will-power.

Keep away from flatterers.

Tell me what to do.

Be careful about what you eat.

Raise your hands.

Show your driving license.

Put your signature here.

Respect your parents.

Be gentle to everyone.

Do not neglect your studies.

Please arrange the books on the shelves.

Keep away from fire.

Stop the bus right now.

Please send him to me.

Don’t bother him.

Leave me alone right now.

Please tell me all in detail.

Do not put on airs.

Do not disturb me, while I am at work.

Do not let him play.

Do not tease the dog.

Do not eat much.

Do not believe in it.

Do not laugh at the poor .

Do not pluck flowers.

Do not park here.