helpless in a sentence

In extreme old age, man is also helpless.

We find ourselves completely helpless in a situation of no electricity.

I am helpless in this matter.

In this case I am helpless.

We feel helpless in handling rush because we are not used to it.

We find ourselves helpless in this regard.

We are not helpless in such type of matters.

We are not helpless spectators.

He is helpless before his son.

I am helpless in this case.

We are helpless against the race of time.

Human beings are helpless to prevent natural calamities.

We are helpless in tackling this situation.

I was helpless until you arrived.

We are helpless to tackle the problem.

He is helpless.

I am old and helpless.

He protected the helpless girl.

He found himself quite helpless when difficulties surrounded him.

Those who are helpless deserve our help.

Always help the helpless.

None but the helpless deserve our help.

He, who serves the helpless, is always happy.

Man is helpless before God.

I know you have suffered a great loss but we are helpless before God’s will.

I have grown weak and helpless.

The helpless deserve our pity.

He has a helpless scared look on his face.

We do not want you to feel helpless.

The government should open asylums for those beggars who are really helpless.

Do not mock at the poor and the helpless.

He stood stupefied and helpless.

We are helpless.

I was utterly helpless.

At present, I am helpless.

I feel helpless without my mobile phone.

He felt quite helpless when his wife died.

He never feels helpless in any circumstances.

The officer said that he had been helpless in that matter.

At present, I am helpless.

He wanted to help his people but was helpless.

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