helpful in a sentence

We should helpful to the needy.

He is always helpful whenever I have any problem.

He is very helpful to others.

Trees are helpful to man in many ways.

Computer is a very helpful device.

Trees are helpful in cleaning the environment which is polluted by several causes.

She is a very helpful lady.

This device will work through GPS and will be helpful in detecting a person at any location.

He was remembered as a very helpful and obedient boy.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language, which is helpful in executing various computing software operations.

This book can be helpful in learning the basic concepts of computer science.

He is sympathetic as well as helpful.

He will be helpful in your new project.

How helpful is astrology in changing an individual’s life?

This plant is very helpful in repelling mosquitoes.

This report has been very helpful to us.

He was kind and helpful to everyone.

He is always helpful to everyone.

The practice of meditation can be very helpful.

Sometimes neighbours are more helpful than relatives.

Fibre has proved to be helpful in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Sugarcane juice in particular is very helpful for the liver.

This is helpful in weight loss.

Be helpful to the suffering people.

Planting trees and preserving Nature will be helpful to the next generations to come.

Be helpful to others.

Be cheerful and helpful all the time.

My neighbours are very friendly and helpful.

He very helpful to me.

He is a nice and helpful person.

They’re helpful to us.

He is very helpful co-operative and sympathetic.

He is very kind and helpful too.

I am very helpful to my parents.

He is courteous and helpful to everyone.

He is very helpful to the students.

He is very co-operative, helpful and sympathetic.

He is very helpful to the students.

We should be helpful and noble to all.

I think this will be quite helpful in solving this problem.

He is very cordial and helpful.

He is helpful and co-operative.

I think this will be quite helpful.

He has always been helpful to us in the hour of need.

He is always helpful to the poor and the weak.

He is very helpful to his customers.

Her advice was very helpful.

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