haste in a sentence

Things can get spoiled if done in a haste.

Avoid haste.

Always think carefully before acting in haste.

Do not discard waste in haste.

You might take a bad decision in haste.

He is always in haste.

Don’t make haste.

Do not take decisions in haste.

He is in a mad haste.

Don’t be in a haste.

People in a haste have unhealthy breakfast which spoils their health.

This requires some time and can’t be done in a haste.

Don’t make decisions in haste.

Never argue in haste even if you weren’t at fault.

Don’t Decide In haste.

Often we eat in haste without even chewing or tasting the food properly.

Do not do anything in haste.

Most of the people make mistakes in haste and excitement.

Do not be in a haste to make friends.

Make haste so as not to be late.

If you want to catch the train, you must make haste.

He does not believe in making haste in every thing.

Where are you going in such haste?

Haste makes waste.

Please don’t decide in haste.

He left in haste because he was late.

You should stop judging people in haste.

Let us make haste or we shall miss the train.

Make haste lest you should miss the train.

He ran in haste.

Never make friends in haste.

Make haste.

Make haste or you will be late.

If you do not make haste, you will miss the appointment.

I boarded a wrong train in haste.

Make haste or you will miss the train.

Please make haste.

He left the house in such haste that he forgot to tie up his shoe laces.

We must go on with our task without haste.

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