harmony in a sentence

There is perfect harmony among the different communities of this taste

People of different religions should live together in harmony.

The aim and objective of education should be proper integration and harmony between feeling, thinking and doing.

He is peaceful and lives in harmony with his surroundings.

Can we maintain peace and harmony with jealousy and acrimony?

We can be in harmony with others only when we are in harmony with ourselves

India is a country of saints and seers who have always preached the lesson of love, harmony, co-operation and respect for each other’s sentiments.

Human beings of all times and places were trying to find harmony and proper balance in their lives.

we should strive to live in harmony.

This is a world where harmony, equality, and justice prevail.

Harmony is our strength.

It is the demand of time that we maintain peace, unity and harmony.

We have to nurture unity and strengthen the bridge of harmony.

Yoga brings mind, body in harmony.

Social harmony is the first requirement for a successful nation.

Harmony can reduce tension.

They strived to work for emotional oneness and harmony of the country.

An essay writing competition was organised on communal Harmony in our school.

Harmony neutralizes discord.

We should strive hard to maintain harmony.

Do not fight, live in harmony.

They can bring about a communal harmony in the country.

This will help in promoting national integration and communal harmony.

There is harmony in beauty.

He spoke on the subject of communal harmony.

He does his best to create communal harmony in the society.

There is harmony between his thoughts and actions.

We must try to attain harmony in our relationship with others.

She is the parent of peace and harmony.

All people should live in harmony.

This state is known for communal harmony.

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