harmful in a sentence

Sunscreen should be used on your skin if you want to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Many chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are harmful for health.

Too much TV watching is harmful and wastage of time and energy.

Drinking is harmful to health.

Excessive freedom may spoil the child, whereas no freedom may also prove equally harmful.

Man these days is surrounded by electronics which throw harmful rays.

The vermin are harmful to plants, birds, etc.

Smoking is harmful to health.

That chemical is harmful to your health.

Excess of anything is harmful.

Greed is harmful.

Drinking is harmful.

Do not smoke as it is harmful to your health.

It is harmful to smoke.

Do you think that mobile phones are harmful?

It is harmful for your health.

It is a harmful drug.

Drinking wine is harmful for lever.

Plastics are harmful for humans as well as for environment.

These things are very harmful for our health.

What are the harmful effects of calcium carbide?

Drug addiction is harmful.

Artificially ripened fruit is harmful to health.

Corruption is harmful for society and their own future.

Passive smoking is equally harmful to your health.

Aluminium foil is harmful to human body if consumed.

High noise levels can be harmful for health.

We should make people aware of the harmful effects of crackers.

We should not use harmful colours during Holi.

Natural colours can be prepared easily and are not harmful for health.

The consumption of tobacco in any form is harmful to health.

I do not see anything harmful in it.

Watching too much TV can be very harmful.

This is definitely harmful to the environment.

Drinking wine is harmful for health.

This has a harmful effect on people’s health.

Drugs provide temporary relief from stress but produce harmful effects in later life.

Pollution causes several types of harmful diseases.

Ozone causes skin cancer and is also harmful for eyes.

The government should make use of mass media to educate the people about the harmful effects of drugs.

Wine is harmful to health.

They sell harmful things.

It has a number of harmful side-effects.

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