hard working in a sentence

Teachers should be sincere, hard working, understanding and devoted towards their profession.

Employers are constantly on the lookout for hard working employees.

A hard working and self-dependent person outshines and becomes an an ideal for others.

He was a hard working student.

He is a very intelligent and hard working student.

She is an efficient and hard working lady.

I have a very hard working and decisive character.

Do you think you are a hard working person?

I am smart and hard-working.

I am a brilliant and hard working student.

He is hard working and is ever eager to acquire more and more knowledge.

He is a very hard-working man, but I am slow.

I don’t consider her to be an honest or hard-working by any means.

There are many professions open to an intelligent and hard-working person.

He is hard-working as well as honest.

He is a hard working but not very intelligent boy.

He was projected as a very honest and hard working scientist.

My mother is a very hard working woman.

She is as hard working as she is beautiful.

Teachers praise hard working students.

I am a hard working man.

A hard working man is bound to achieve success in his life.

He is hard working and intelligent.

He is one of the most hard working persons in the society.

He is extremely hard working and are always involved in social work.

They are hard-working and conscientious about the quality of their work.

He is believed to be a hard-working individual.

He is a goal-oriented and hard-working person.

Our heart is one of the most hard working and important organs in the body.

They are quite hard working when they find their way within.

They are hard working and dedicated towards fulfilling their goals.

We are constantly proving ourselves to be one among the most hard-working people in the world.

They are honest and hard working.

They are extremely hard working and over dedicated in the things they do.

If you love your hard working liver, quit drinking.

He had a peaceful but hard working life.

They are hard working and productive.

They are talented and hard working.

They are very intelligent, analytical and hard working.

She is hard working, ambitious and organised.

They are very passionate and hard working dream-chasers.

He is intelligent and hard working.

The people of my country are hard working.

Hard working people cannot fail in life.

My mother is very hard working and sincere lady.

He is dedicated and hard working.

Our ancestors were honest and hard working.

Obviously, You are a hard working boy.

He is not only intelligent but also hard working.

He is a hard working man.

Every student is not hard working.

They are talented, skilled and hard-working people.

He is a hard working and visionary leader.

Why are you spoiling other hard-working employees?

We are proud of our laborious and hard working students.

He was a very hard working person throughout his career.

He is a very hard working and highly refined person.

She is a very hard working and shrewd business woman.

I’m not talented, just hard-working.

He is a very hard working student, who is always eager to learn.

Though he is quite hard-working, yet he could not pass.

He is hard-working but not intelligent.

He is not hard-working.

hard working in a sentence

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