glory in a sentence

Honor and glory goes to those who work hard.

In a village we can better enjoy the beauty and glory of nature.

No power on the earth can stop her from going forward and reaching the pinnacles of glory.

It is not necessary to have a long life to reach glory.

Our glory is visible to everyone.

What’s the difference between glory and honour?

The glory of truth remains for ever.

Let us enhance the glory of our motherland.

Where does the word glory originate from?

I have no interest in both a long life and glory.

How can you regain your lost glory?

He has been selected for the prestigious glory of India award.

Forbearance brings glory for all time.

Winter season has arrived in its full glory.

The beginning of a new year is celebrated with glory.

Nature is resplendent in all her glory.

Let your curls shine in all its glory.

Mantras are written by our ancient gurus in the glory of the lords.

Summer has arrived in all its glory.

In every second household, you can find a money plant blooming in its glory.

Character is the glory of man’s life.

One should live a life of glory born out of good deeds.

We are ever ready to do and die for the glory of our motherland.

Every flower and every leaf proclaims the glory of God.

Bravery brings glory.

I love to watch the sun going down in all its glory.

They strive to achieve great heights of fame and glory.

Character is the glory of man’s life.

Heights of glory can’t be touched without constant labour.

During travels we see nature in all her glory.

The glory of our culture can never fade.

They have won glory for the country by winning gold medals in international competitions.

The glory of these soldiers will never fade away.

The glory of sunrise and sun will never fade.

It is glory of man’s life.

He brought glory to his motherland.

Time has not dimmed its glory or beauty.

We should do our best to carry the country to the pinnacles of glory and prosperity.

No power on the earth can prevent him from going forward and reaching the pinnacles of glory.

History is replete with examples of men securing glory in doing their duty.

Its glory fades away very soon.

It is largely due to his efforts that the college has reached the heights of glory in a short span of time.

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