global in a sentence

Deforestation is rising as the major global problem to the society and the environment.

Terrorism is a global issue which has affected almost all the nations throughout the world directly or indirectly.

Terrorism is a global issue which has affected almost all the nations.

Child labour is the global issue which is more common in the underdeveloped countries.

The growth of fast modes of transport and communication has transformed the world into a global village.

Trees are the only abundant, biodegradable and renewable global resource of energy.

Today, global warming is the biggest and strongest challenge that the world is facing.

Global Warming is causing extreme climatic changes.

English has become the global language.

Asthma is a serious global health problem.

Global methane levels are growing faster.

It has become a global scourge.

Ransomware attack has created global havoc.

Computers have made the world a global village today.

Trees play a significant role in the global carbon cycle.

The global economy slowed in 2012 owing to ongoing tensions in Europe and USA.

All the countries of the world should work unitedly to fight against this global menace.

Everyone fears the possibility of a global war.

We are facing the threat of pollution and global warming.

This leads to global warming.

Reckless deforestation has resulted in global warming and irregular monsoons.

The increase in pollution has resulted in global warming.

Computerization has shrunk the world into a global village.

We can help prevent global warming in numerous ways.

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