garbage in a sentence

We find garbage all around city streets and the suburban areas which are dumping grounds.

We should not chuck garbage in the streets.

Open the door of your mind, clean out the garbage and create space for new ideas and thoughts to filter in.

Do not throw garbage into the drains.

We should never throw the garbage here and there.

Foul smell is coming out from the garbage dumps.

The garbage lying on road makes walking a difficult task.

Use garbage bags.

The garbage should be cleared on a daily basis.

Flies love dirt, moisture, garbage and decay.

When garbage begins to decompose, bacteria and harmful virus begins to grow.

Keep a garbage bag at your reach while cleaning the rooms, so that you can place the unwanted things in it.

Be careful with your garbage disposal methods.

Dispose the garbage.

Use closed bins for garbage.

Keep your surroundings clean by clearing garbage.

Inform the local civic authorities if the garbage in your vicinity is not being disposed off properly.

Pigs often eat garbage.

Don’t throw garbage around your house.

Garbage on the face of the earth is defacing and destructing.

Do not dump garbage here.

A heap of garbage has accumulated near your locality.

Heaps of garbage are a common sight in this city.

We should not chuck garbage in the streets.

Wherever we go, we see heaps of garbage lying in the open.

Waste paper and garbage lie littered all over.

The garbage has choked the drain.

Please remove the garbage from the road.

The drain is choked with garbage.

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