gain in a sentence

There are several sources for us to gain knowledge.

You cannot gain anything without efforts.

Those who think before speaking and act wisely gain success in life.

We should constantly make efforts to gain the right knowledge of life, of ourselves, of the world with the help of books, self-contemplation and company of the wise.

Health once lost is difficult to gain.

Loss and gain are brothers twain.

We should take both our gain and loss with equal calm.

Politeness is the key to gain respect and appreciation.

If we make persistent efforts to gain our subject, surely our efforts will be crowned with success.

People gain better positions in the world by choosing their words wisely.

Some persons make friends with us only to gain their own selfish ends.

They gain popularity and respect wherever they go.

We hope to gain a lot.

We can’t gain anything without efforts.

Without effort we/one can gain nothing.

You can gain nothing without efforts.

You can’t gain anything without labour.

You will gain if you work.

We cannot gain anything without efforts.

He will gain nothing out of this project.

He worked hard that he might gain promotion.

This is a positive gain for us.

Reading is the key to gain more knowledge.

They go on trying till they gain success.

He will definitely gain the upper hand in this election.

We made a lot of gain.

He made a big gain in the deal.

The more we read the more knowledge we gain.

I will not gain anything from selling this house.

He hoped to gain by that business.

There is no gain without pain.

Is there any gain without pain

You will gain nothing in this deal.

I wish to gain the first prize.

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