gaiety in a sentence

It is an atmosphere full of mirth, joy and gaiety.

They are full of fun and gaiety.

Festivals bring gaiety and charm in the routine life of the people.

We celebrate the festivals with gaiety and enthusiasm.

We have celebrated this festival with great fervour and gaiety.

People celebrate the festival of Lohri with gaiety.

This festival was celebrated with religious gaiety and communal harmony.

Republic Day is celebrated with gaiety and fervour in our country.

The students performed dance items to add charm and gaiety to the celebrations.

We celebrate festivals with religious fervour and gaiety.

The festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety.

The annual rose festival was celebrated with gaiety.

This festival is full of colours and gaiety.

They are full of fun and gaiety.

His gaiety is not a wasteful luxury.

Teachers’ day is observed all over our country with devotion and gaiety.

Synonyms of Gaiety

entertainment, merriment, mirth, glee, cheerfulness, happiness, jocularity, joviality, merrymaking, gladness

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