Funny in a Sentence

His speech was very funny .

He always tells funny jokes.

He made funny remarks to excite laughter

She writes funny plays.

He is not only intelligent but also very funny.

His speech was so funny that it excited laughter.

It is very funny.

His looks are always funny.,

He sang a funny song.

He is a very funny man.

This story is quite funny.

I sent him a funny card to cheer him up.

Don’t act funny.

He is a funny man.

He performs some funny tricks.

He did many funny tricks.

They made us laugh with their funny tricks.

He told funny stories.

Their dress was very funny.

He chuckled to himself as he read the funny poem.

They cackled when I told him a funny story.

Let me tell you a funny joke.

A funny thing happened as I was coming to school.

I shall bring for you a book of funny tales and some magazines.

I laughed in my sleeve at his funny dress.

A number of delicacies were served at the dinner.

He has a funny appearance.

He looks funny.

I didn’t find the situation funny.

Do you find something funny?

Do you find my remarks funny?

I met a funny little man.

He told us funny stories.

He told us a funny story.

They performed very funny tricks.

What a funny way to park a car!

He made me roar with laughter at his funny antics.

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