function in a Sentence

All were present in the function expect you.

Please make out a list of the guests who will attend the function.

The function was poorly attended.

The minister presided over the annual function of the college.

He is loth to attend this function.

After the function was over, we returned home.

I heard her singing at the function.

There were no gentry in that function.

He kept away from the function.

He checked me from leaving the function.

It is doubtful whether he would be able to attend the function.

If you had invited me I would have attended the function.

I did not attend the function.

He presided over the function.

The annual function of our college will come of next week.

A cold reception was given to the guests at the function.

In my opinion the arrangements made for the function are inadequate.

The prizes were distributed by the Honourable Chief Minister at our school function.

I am going to attend the function.

The prize distribution function was a gala day for students.

He has agreed to participate in the function.

Use my house for the function.

You must get by heart a few beautiful poems for the function.

He has invited all his kith and kin to attend the function.

Let us attend the function.

He sang well in the function.

Weather permitting, we will have the function outside.

The Chief guest hoisted the flag at the beginning of the function,

The function came to an end with the prize distribution.

The Governor of the state inaugurated the function.

The Annual Prize Distribution function of our school was held last Monday.

The memory of this function will remain ever green in my mind.

The function is to be presided over by the Chief Minister.

The chief function of a newspaper is to provide news from all over the world.

Please attend the function.

The regular function of the judiciary is to provide justice to the people.

The drainage system of the city has ceased to function.

We had our prize-distribution function yesterday.

This function is held to highlight the annual achievements of the college.

The Education Minister presided over the function.

The TV coverage of our function was excellent.

The function was over.

He presided over the function and gave away the prizes.

He will be present at the function tomorrow.

What is the primary function of newspaper?

We have arranged this function to honour our brave soldiers who fought in the war.

I want a full report on the function.

The function came to a close with the national anthem.

He will sing a song at the function.

It was a colourful function.

You did not attend the function.

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