Fun in a Sentence

Why do you make a fun of him ?

It was certainly a lot of fun.

I had lots of fun.

You’ll probably have fun tomorrow

The real fun is to see the match.

The real fun is to watch the duel.

The scheme failed for want of funds.

I never do fun of other people.

Is he not making a fun of you ?

Why do you make fun of me.

I am having so much fun here with you.

Every boy and girl has attended the function.

Do come, it is going to be a great fun.

My scheme has fallen through for want of funds.

He was full of fun and mischief.

He would make fun of you.

He is making fun of you.

Children are fond of fun parks.

It is full of fun.

Some people climb mountains for fun.

We should not make fun of others.

We should never make fun of anybody.

Is he making fun of you ?

He makes fun of old people.

They make fun of you.

Don’t make fun of the old man.

He likes to poke fun at others.

Don’t make fun of peoples’ suffering!

Are you making fun of me?

I often made fun of her

He had made fun of me and made me cry.

We had all the fun.

You did this to make fun of me.

He pushed me into the pool for fun.

It was real fun.

I shouted just for fun.

We shall have lots of fun and frolic.

Why are you making fun of me?

Our school arranged a charity show to raise funds for flood victims.

He did it for fun

We did it for fun

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