forgotten in a sentence

Man has forgotten that his salvation, and strength lies being close to the objects of nature.

We have forgotten the importance of politeness and ethics in our society.

We have forgotten the real responsibility of being a human just because of the money.

A man who does nothing is forgotten as soon as he dies.

He might have forgotten about the meeting today.

Have we forgotten the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi?

It is a history of a forgotten world.

I have not forgotten anything.

Why have you forgotten your best friends?

This is a horror that can’t be forgotten.

The contribution made by the heroes in the freedom struggle can never be forgotten.

He has not forgotten his humble background.

I had forgotten all about it.

The charm of childhood cannot be forgotten.

We have all forgotten to look after ourselves.

Nowadays, even adults have forgotten the art of healthy eating.

Nowadays we have forgotten to eat well and eat at the right time.

With the advent of allopathy medicine, most of us had forgotten Ayurveda medicine.

Salt is the forgotten killer.

I had forgotten about them until now.

The time spent at school with your best buddies can never be forgotten.

Teachers are never forgotten.

He has forgotten his true nature.

Most of us must have forgotten to make tulsi a part of our daily lives.

Some mistakes cannot be forgotten.

I think you have forgotten me.

I have forgotten you.

I have never forgotten you.

It will soon be forgotten.

I have forgotten your name.

Have you forgotten anything today?

I have not forgotten your advice.

They seem to have forgotten their promise.

Have you forgotten that I helped you when you were in trouble?

I have forgotten your name.

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