how to use For in a Sentence

I am hardly late for the office.

We would have ruined but for your help.

She has set off for Delhi.

He served me for ten years.

She made a cup of tea for me.

I am waiting for you to take you to the market.

She paid him back for what he did to her in life.

I shall search for it.

I haven’t had enough time for that.

He strained every nerve to get a job for his son.

I’ve been here for two months.

He was out of town for a couple of months.

Would you care for some advice?

I’m writing for extra practice.

They aren’t ready for that.

John has been looking for a job, hasn’t he?

In my heart of hearts, I have a great regard for him.

He waited for me.

He plays music for people.

We must not quarrel over petty issues for selfish gains.

I am trying to search for the lost article since morning.

She has entered for Master’s examination this year.

Please excuse me for my conduct.

She sang a song for us.

I shall bring a camera for you.

The day of his marriage was a gala day for the whole family.

He is coming for lunch today.

He will go abroad for higher studies.

Kindly grant me leave for two days.

It is quite warm for this time of the year.

Get ready for the school.

Whom do you wait for ?

I have been working at this store for the last five years.

I know the reason for his failure.

What are you searching for ?

My mother has been cooking for an hour.

I have been a teacher for ten years.

I have a good news for you.

My request for leave has been turned down by the boss.

You have no authority for instructing

He asked me for some help.

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