foolishness in a sentence

His absurd talk showed his foolishness.

Worrying about a problem and fearing from it is foolishness.

Foolishness is the lack of wisdom.

I made it a point to remind him of his foolishness several times again.

He was sentenced mainly because of his foolishness.

We can no longer afford this foolishness.

It is perhaps his innocence rather than foolishness.

You have to repent on your foolishness one day.

All this arguments are foolishness and waste of time.

All his allegations are baseless and it indicates his foolishness.

Everyone laughed at his foolishness.

Under normal circumstances, I don’t usually respond to foolishness.

We cannot really blame him for his foolishness.

Your foolishness have spoiled everything,

This is foolishness.

To ignore it is utter foolishness.

Who’ll put up with all my silly foolishness.

What does he think is foolishness?

Don’t let foolishness overtake you.

He started laughing at his own foolishness.

You should realise your foolishness.

It is nothing else but foolishness.

He realized his foolishness after he was ruined.

I wonder at his foolishness.

All laughed at him for his foolishness.

They laughed at his foolishness.

To sit idle and to look up to God for help is foolishness on our part.

He had to pay for his foolishness.

I apologize to you for my foolishness.

He realized his foolishness and greed.

To sit idle and look up to God for help is foolishness.

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