folly in a sentence

It was his slightest folly.

He realised his folly.

He repented of his folly.

He has admited his folly.

I committed the folly of trusting you.

It is an act of extreme folly.

You have to apologise for your folly.

You must realise your folly and complete the task.

I am sure one day you will realise your folly.

Anger begins in folly and ends in repentance.

He realised his folly and was filled with remorse.

It is a folly to fight in the name of religion.

You have to pay a heavy price for your folly.

His folly cost him years of poverty.

I wonder at her folly.

Jumping to hasty conclusions is a folly.

To waste time is a folly.

She repented of her folly.

I must suffer for your folly.

I realize it was my folly.

Her folly has brought about her ruin.

Action without thought is folly.

He repented his folly but it was too late.

She repented over her folly.

He repented of his folly.

He repented over his folly.

I made him realize his folly.

Did they not realize their folly ?

He repented of his folly.

You must suffer for your folly.

It is a folly to be afraid of death.

What folly is generally committed by the people ?

I apologise to you for my folly.

He confessed his fault and repented over his folly.

It is nothing else than folly.

He at once realized his folly.

She is repentant of her folly.

He is ashamed of his folly.

This poem brings out the folly of the caste system.

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