followed in a sentence

They followed us to our home.

The patient was very weak and he muttered something which could not be followed by anyone.

Cleanliness is a great virtue which should be followed by everyone.

An advice should never be followed blindly.

There are many death rituals that are followed around the the world.

This is a traditional ritual that is followed by all.

A large number of people followed him.

India is a rich country with a vast variety of rituals that are followed.

Rangoli is one of the many Indian traditions that is followed till today.

Have you followed the immediate care?

There are a lot of different customs followed on days in many religions.

Why have you followed him?

These traditions are followed from generations to generations.

Holika Dahan is a popular ritual followed in the Northern parts of India.

There are many types of superstitions followed by people across the world.

She followed the advice of her mother.

I have followed your path.

I wish I had followed your advice.

A fierce gun battle followed between Azad and the police force.

Why should we blame the machine for the ills that have followed from it ?

Night is always followed by the day.

They followed the maxim ‘Charity begins at home.

They followed him wherever he went.

That man followed me on the road yesterday.

Summer is followed by winter and autumn by spring.

The dogs followed us to our home.

This is the thing that has got to be followed.

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