flooded in a sentence

The streets and roads become flooded with rain water.

When I switched on the light, the room was flooded with light.

Now-a-days goods made from plastic and polymer have flooded the market.

I was flooded with emotions.

The streets were flooded by the heavy rain.

It rained so hard that the streets were flooded.

The river is flooded.

It has been raining hard so the streets are flooded.

The whole village was flooded with water.

The road is flooded.

In a very short time the roads were flooded.

The lanes are flooded with water.

When the rains are heavy, all the rivers are flooded with water.

Today, fake and imitation goods have flooded the markets.

Each year the river gets flooded and deposits a lot of mud on the fields.

It rained so heavily that all the roads were flooded.

All the streets were flooded with water.

Your letter has flooded me with sheer happiness

The roads were all flooded.

The whole city was flooded with water rising several feet high.

The rivers are flooded.

The rivers are flooded and wash away huts, houses, cattle and human beings.

Soon, the streets and lanes were flooded with water.

The heavy rain flooded the low lying areas.

A large number of villages were flooded.

Crossing a flooded river is dangerous.

The low-lying parts of the town were flooded.

It rained heavily therefore the streets were flooded.

The boat sank in the flooded river.

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