flies in a sentence

The plane flies above the clouds.

The courtyard is infested with flies.

This place is swarming with flies.

My best friend flies abroad for check-up.

Time flies, but memories are there forever.

These days we are facing a hard time because of swarms of houseflies.

Time flies fast.

Flies make eatables unfit for consumption.

It is the breeding season for flies and mosquitoes.

Flies sit on eatables and make them unhygienic.

Flies are known to be the carriers of bacteria and viruses.

This pond has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies.

Dumps have become breeding places for flies and mosquitoes.

Flies do not have teeth or a stinger.

Flies prefer warm temperatures.

How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Home?

Time flies on wings.

He flies a kite.

Your room is full of flies.

The town is five miles away as the crow flies.

Mussoorie is just seven miles from Dehra Dun as the crow flies.

A poet flies on the wings of fantasy.

If you live with dogs,you get up with flies.

Beauty has wings and too hastily flies.

The aeroplane flies very fast.

He has killed flies.

Time flies very fast.

The aeroplane flies faster than birds.

Flies go everywhere.

The heaps of garbage have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies.

A closed mouth catches no flies.

He flies kites.

He flies a kite.

What is it that flies but has no wings?

A bird flies with the help of its wings.

This locality is full of flies and mosquitoes.

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