ferocious in a sentence

I saw a ferocious lion in the jungle.

They are ferocious but not unscrupulous.

A ferocious bull got blinded with rage and gored a man to death.

She is ferocious as well as gentle.

A docile dog suddenly became ferocious.

Leopards are very ferocious creatures.

They are no longer as ferocious as they used to be.

Four ferocious dogs guard this palatial house.

She has a ferocious work rate.

A ferocious monkey attacked and injured me yesterday.

Rag pickers and sanitation workers can be seen being chased away by ferocious dogs.

Even the most ferocious of dogs and other pets can be seen trembling during Diwali celebrations.

The tiger is the most ferocious of all animals.

The police rescued me from the clutches of a ferocious abductor.

Bulldogs are usually considered a ferocious breed.

He was mauled to death by ferocious stray dogs.

These animals turn ferocious and are a threat.

German Shepherds, as a breed, are ferocious but they don’t bite people randomly.

She is a ferocious lady.

They are ferocious in their approach

These guard dog breeds are extremely ferocious.

How do you turn a ferocious wolf into a loyal dog?

How to calm a ferocious dog?

It can make the dog ferocious.

He fought like a ferocious tiger.

Goddess Kali, is the fearful and ferocious form of Goddess Durga.

He looks totally ferocious.

Alligators and crocodiles have been included in the list of ferocious animals.

Some dog breeds are known as ferocious.

Are Rottweilers ferocious dogs?

He was a ferocious dacoit.

Human desire becomes ferocious when we oppose it.

Men and women can be and are equally ferocious at the time of separation.

The lion is a ferocious beast.

Which animal is so ferocious as a leopard ?

The tiger is more ferocious than any other animal.

No other animal is so ferocious as the tiger.

The tiger is a ferocious animal.

Tiger is a ferocious animal but humans can tame him.

The lion is a ferocious animal.

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