favourite in a sentence

Which is your favourite fruit?

She is everybody’s favourite.

I play many indoor and outdoor games but badminton is my favourite.

Biology is my favourite subject.

Some students are favourite with teachers.

History is my favourite subject.

Which is your favourite Bollywood film.

Which is your favourite travel destination?

Which is your favourite dish?

He is one of my favourite artists.

Biology is my favourite subject.

Milk chocolate is a great favourite with the children.

Blue is my favourite colour.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week.

My favourite flavour jam is raspberry.

I am reading my favourite book.

What is your favourite colour?

The Ramayana is my favourite book.

My father takes us out of the home every Sunday morning in the park or other favourite places to make our holiday.

People await their favourite T.V. programmes impatiently.

Some people travel a long distance to eat some favourite dish or ice-cream.

This stagnant water is a favourite breeding place for the mosquitoes.

What is your favourite daydream?

The rose is my favourite flower.

My favourite flavour ice cream is strawberry.

My favourite fruit is fresh pineapple.

What is your favourite subject?

The rose is my favourite flower.

Which is your favourite subject?

He is a favourite of the boss.

Swimming is his favourite pastime.

She topped in all her favourite subjects.

Rice and curry is my favourite food.

Rice and meat is my favourite food.

She plays his favourite tunes on the harmonium.

I like to play with my favourite toys.

Bread and Butter is my favourite breakfast.

Which is your favourite colour?

He is my favourite leader.

No doubt, he is the favourite of all.

Mathematics is one of my favourite subjects.

It is my favourite subject.

It is really my favourite game.

Diwali is my favourite festival.

It is my favourite book.

Amitabh Bacchan is my favourite film hero.

Geography was my favourite subject at school.

Potato chips are my favourite snack.

This restaurant is my favourite .

He is my favourite actor.

Kabaddi is my favourite game.

She is singing her favourite song.

Swimming is my favourite pastime.

This is my favourite film.

Which is your favourite book ?

It is my favourite book.

Rabindranath Tagore is my favourite author.

He is my favourite teacher.

Mathematics is my favourite subject.

Rice and fish are my favourite dish.

Reading books is my most favourite hobby.

It is my favourite game.

Hockey is my favourite game.

The piano is my favourite instrument.

My favourite sport is basketball.

Gardening and reading are my favourite hobbies.

History is my favourite subject.

She has put on her favourite dress.

Economics is my favourite subject.

She is my favourite film heroine.

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