fatal in a sentence

Cancer is a fatal disease.

AIDS is a fatal disease as virtually there is no treatment for it so far.

Drinking is fatal to health.

People having dirty habits become the reason of spreading dangerous and fatal disease.

He met with a fatal accident.

He is suffering with a fatal disease and the chances of his survival are quite low.

There are certain kinds of ants whose bite is fatal to animals.

He was killed in fatal road accident

Fatal road accidents are occurring regularly.

Speed thrill proves fatal for youth.

The most fatal accidents take place at night as heavy vehicles tend to speed on empty roads.

Sometimes domestic quarrels prove fatal.

Liver disease may be fatal if treatment is delayed.

He lost his brother in a fatal road accident.

Smog causes fatal accidents on city roads.

Most fatal accidents are caused by heavy vehicles.

He suffered a fatal head injury.

He was injured in a fatal road accident.

The high-speed have added to the rise in fatal road accidents in the recent times.

To prevent fatal accidents, one of the major measures to be taken is to create awareness among people.

The death of her only son was a fatal blow for her.

He received a fatal wound in his chest.

Alfred met with a fatal accident.

He met with a fatal accident yesterday.

Drinking proved fatal to him.

The wound proved fatal.

His betrayal was fatal to our plans.

These centres provide education and medical aid to people suffering from fatal diseases.

It has been proved that smoking can be fatal since it causes several deadly diseases.

Many fatal diseases can now be cured.

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