failure in a sentence

Failure in life is largely because of a lack of strong mental make up.

He died of heart failure at his residence.

His failure was due to neglect of studies.

Inordinate delay in finalization of minor details can cause failure of the project.

Lack of confidence is the real cause of failure.

Failure is the highway to success.

Success and failure are two facets of the same coins.

Failure or humiliation has also worked as a motivating factor for many people.

Failure and defeat often fill a man with dismay.

Failure is not the end of dreams; it is only the beginning.

Our life comes to halt in case of power failure.

Without failure, success has no meaning.

The reason behind one’s failure lies in one’s hurriedness, half-hearted attempts and impatience.

His failure was very agonizing for him.

Failure disappoints and discourages us.

He always chalks up his failure to others.

Don’t make excuses or blame others for your failure.

You are never defeated until you accept failure and stop carrying on.

He died of heart failure at his shop.

His failure in the examination shocked us.

He is always haunted by his imaginary fear of failure in business.

The news of his failure in the examination dismayed him.

He indulges in irregularities which cause the failure of projects.

He has put all the blame for his failure on his predecessors.

His failure in business is mere bad luck.

His plan was doomed to failure.

The failure of monsoons hit the farmers.

He is a total failure.

He was greatly cut up by his failure in the examination.

His parents were disgusted at his failure.

Success or failure depends largely on the efforts you make.

His failure was due to bad luck.

His failure is due to his carelessness.

I advise you not to take your failure to heart.

He took his failure to heart.

I know the reason of his failure.

I feel much concerned at your failure.

His failure shocked me.

You must work hard to avoid failure.

He is reluctant to admit failure.

He was weary of failure.

Poor health is the cause of his failure.

I know the reason of his failure in the examination.

The reason of her failure is not known.

His failure is certain.

When I heard about his failure in the examination, I was taken aback.

Most of us are afraid of failure.

Can you account for his failure ?

He wept at his failure.

Being weary of failure, he gave up trying.

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