exhausted in a sentence

I was completely exhausted by cold and strain.

We should not lose our will-power even when all our energies have been exhausted.

People who don’t work are more more exhausted than people who do.

I was exhausted and decided to take a nap in the cool shade of the mango tree.

We should keep persevering even when all our energy has been exhausted.

What happened to make you so exhausted?

The terrorists continued to fire until their ammunition was exhausted.

He was emotionally exhausted and physically tired.

He looked unshaven, exhausted and pale.

I have almost exhausted all my savings.

I am exhausted, I have no time to sleep or rest.

The stock has been exhausted.

I am exhausted.

I am so exhausted that I cannot continue.

I was totally exhausted.

He was exhausted and ill, but he pushed on.

I was exhausted after the day’s labour.

Since he was exhausted so he began to walk unsteadily.

The player was so exhausted that he could not continue playing the match.

She worked so hard that she was exhausted.

Exhausted by his work, he threw himself on his bed.

I became so exhausted that I can walk no longer.

He was exhausted after the day’s labour.

Perhaps its battery has exhausted.

Being exhausted, he lay down on a sofa.

My budget gets exhausted on the 25th day of the month.

Our limited resources may get exhausted one day if population explosion is not checked.

In the evening I am totally exhausted by the wears and tears of life.

She was completely exhausted.

Last night I came back home exhausted.

She was completely exhausted.

You are absolutely exhausted.

The long and tedious journey exhausted me.

He was exhausted by his work.

He is nearly exhausted.

He is so exhausted that he cannot walk.

They are non-renewable and may be exhausted within a few more centuries.

They became exhausted and fell into their beds.

My patience was already exhausted.

You must be exhausted.

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